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Mortgage Rates
The programs and rates shown below are unique to Union Bank &amp; Trust. To learn more about these programs and the others we offer, please contact us at 402.323.1128.<br><br/><br><br/>Important Notices:<br><br/>- Offer subject to credit approval.<br><br/>- The monthly payment amount shown includes principal, interest, and mortgage insurance (if applicable). Taxes, property insurance, and flood insurance (if applicable) are not included in the monthly payment amount. Your actual monthly payment amount may be higher. An escrow account may be required.<br><br/>- Your APR will vary based on your final loan amount and finance charges.<br><br/><br><br/>
Loan Amount:      $


Program Name Rate Points APR Payment  
30 Year Fixed (Conforming) 4.625% 0.00% 4.693% $0.00
20 Year Fixed (Conforming) 4.500% 0.00% 4.591% $0.00
15 Year Fixed (Conforming) 4.125% 0.00% 4.238% $0.00
10 Year Fixed (Conforming) 4.125% 0.00% 4.288% $0.00
FHA 30Yr Fixed (FHA) 4.500% 0.00% 5.319% $0.00
VA 30Yr Fixed (VA) 4.500% 0.00% 4.752% $0.00
Rates are subject to change without notice.
Rates last updated on 07/17/2018.
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